A sector of our workshop deals with the mechanical construction of  rotogravure cylinders with removable shaft  with cylindrical or conical bushing with driveway.
The thickness of the tube used is 10/12 mm.


The standard sizes are:

Cylinder diameter development:
From:350mm. up to 1000 mm.

Board length:
From: 510mm. at 4000mm.

In addition to the unified measures shown above, we work cylinders with “special” dimensions requested by the customer.
The cylinders listed above can also be built with hubs based on the customer’s drawing or according to assembly requirements.

Our technical staff is at your disposal for further technical details on cylinder construction.




FA.RE.MEC produces mechanical shafts according to the customer’s needs using materials such as steel in general, from turning, case-hardening and hardening alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, brass, special alloys and plastic materials.

However, it is possible to work any type of material on specific customer request, including materials supplied by the customer.

Our workshop is able to carry out any type of recovery work (including grinding, lapping, heat and galvanic treatments, etc.), allowing us to deliver fully finished pieces of all processes.

We can work shafts with: diameter up to 800; and a maximum length of mm.4000.

Our mechanical shafts are normally used in these sectors:
Electromechanical industry (rotors, etc.)
Extraction industry (drill rods, etc.)
Hydraulic industry (shafts for turbines, pelton/francis impellers, etc.)
Paper industry (pins for cylinders, etc.)
Refining industry (air cooler shafts, fans, compressors)
Construction industry (shafts for crushers, mixers, etc.)

Our Technical Department can collaborate with the customer for a better definition of the product characteristics.
Our Technical-Commercial Office will be happy to examine requests and prepare estimates.

For all information on cylinders  end shaft: