• Remanufacture a Slewing ring bearings Remanufactured of Slewing ring bearings - Remanufacture a Slewing ring bearings : Up to 70% Savings and Expedited Component Delivery If you're involved in manufacturing or industrial machinery maintenance, you're likely aware of the importance of reducing maintenance costs without compromising quality and efficiency.  Remanufacture Slewing ring bearings   emerges as an advantageous solution, allowing for significant savings of up to… continues
  • toothed slewing bearing SLEWING BEARING - TOOTHED SLEWING BEARING If you are looking for efficient solutions to reduce costs in the maintenance of your industrial equipment, the remanufacturing of toothed slewing bearing could be the answer you are looking for. FA.RE.MEC., leader in the sector, offers a complete range of fifth wheel regeneration services, allowing customers to save time and money… continues
  • pinion-rotation-groups PINION ROTATION GROUPS - PINION ROTATION GROUPS The FA.RE.MEC. with cylindrical gear transmission (pinions) are a compact mechanical component built inside a casting  and made up of a BASE BEARING whose rotation takes place via the ring gear of the bearing and one or more straight-toothed gears (Pinion). The FA.RE.MEC pinion rotary tables are designed to easily mount an electric or… continues
  • wind turbines bearings WIND TURBINES BEARINGS - FA.RE.MEC  in its Italian plants produces  bearings/slewing bearings for wind turbines We produce -Slewing bearings- for blade angular position and Slewing bearings for nacelle rotation. We produce toothed washers for blade angular position and toothed washers for nacelle rotation. For all information on the production of bearings/slewing bearings for wind turbines FA.RE.MEC. has an internal division specialized in… continues
  • SOLAR TRACKER ROTATION SYSTEMS SOLAR TRACKER ROTATION - FA.RE.MEC produces in its Italian factories SYSTEMS FOR THE ROTATION OF SOLAR TRACKER The solar tracker is an automatic mechanical device whose purpose is to orient the photovoltaic panel or the thermodynamic solar system in the direction of the sun's rays. Thanks to this tool, also known as a solar tracker, it is possible to tilt the… continues
  • Slewing bearing to three turns of rollers SLEWING BEARING OF THREE TURNS OF ROLLERS - FA.RE.MEC produces slewing bearing to three turns of rollers  in its Italian plants. In particular, the slewing bearings to three turns of independent rollers oriented perpendicularly to the direction of the transmitted loads. Their orientation is refined to optimize capacity, provide low frictional resistance and minimize deflection. The upper and lower rows of rollers transmit… continues
  • Slewing Bearing SLEWING BEARING - Slewing Bearing FA.RE.MEC produces in its Italian factories a wide range of Slewing bearings / Base Bearings of all types. This customization of the product is the result of forty years of experience in the field of the construction of special bearings and which has also led us to the field of Slewing Bearings  - Basic… continues
  • Regeneration base bearing -   A video that briefly illustrates the REGENERATION processes for a toothed base bearing, so as to obtain a second "life" for the component installed on your machine or system. continues
  • Liebherr mobile crane swing bearing - REGENERATION CRANE HOW WE REGENERATE OF SLEWING BEARING - Liebherr mobile crane swing bearing - REGENERATION Specifically, the bearing is mounted on a Liebherr mobile crane TYPE: LTM 1400  For all the specifics on regeneration visit the dedicated page or enter the FA.RE.MEC REGENERATION website directly  (Italian version only) With the  FA.RE.MEC. REGENERATION  at high quality, we are able to determine if and how the slewing… continues
  • ralle-escavatori Excavators and Mini Excavators - Excavators and Mini Excavators Regeneration of the Slewing Bearing When a slewing bearing of your excavator or mini excavator is damaged or worn out, it is often taken out of service and replaced. FA.RE.MEC. as well as producer with the internal division FA.RE.MEC. REGENERATION performs the regeneration of toothed slewing bearings of any brand and… continues
  • SUPPORT SERVICES - Services assistance bearings - A team of specialized technicians is available to deal with problems of Slewing Bearings - Basic Bearings or other Special Bearings connected with the design of new machinery or for the optimization of existing systems. In particular, the assistance and technical consultancy FA.RE.MEC. is able to provide assistance answers bearings-slewing bearings and… continues